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Mad Swan Promptathon


1) Be good to each other. You start causing drama, I'm kicking you out and it's not going to be pretty.

2) Post prompts. The fills can be anything - a fanmix, fanvid, fanfic, fanart.

3) Prompt fills - post the title and rating at the top of your fill in bold. Multiple fills are allowed. When you have a fill, comment with a link on the filled thread. 

the sounds of silence

fandom: Batman
words: 686
warnings: depersonization
characters: Cassandra Cain
verse: othersideverse

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fandom: Batman
words: 1212
warnings: murder, death, vengeance, anger
characters: Stephanie Brown, Bruce Wayne
verse: othersideverse

final chapter.Collapse )
fandom: Batman
warnings: death, homelessness, anger, revenge
words: 691
character: Stephanie Brown

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fandom: Batman
warnings: not a positive portrayal of foster care, death, not so much of the cursing, really dark, reference to sexual abuse
words: 754
characters: Stephanie Brown
author's note: this took a long time to write. I dithered a lot about how to do it, how far to go. this was a good way to reconcile it, I think.

fic after cutCollapse )

fandom: Batman
warnings: fostercare, cursing, abuse
words: 694
characters: Stephanie Brown

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fandom: Batman
warnings: swearing, dark
word count: 403
characters: Stephanie Brown, Bruce Wayne

set in  __marceloothersideverse

fanfic behind cutCollapse )

I am working on if the best that we can hope for is revenge, next story I have planned for othersideverse. It's going to show how Steph got from Point A to Point B: her parents' deaths to Babs and Cass (and Shiva). I'd post the first section, but I need to do some research on correlating high school dropouts to poverty, teenage pregnancy to poverty, and figure out just what killing off all the criminals in a high-crime city like Gotham would do to its economy. "Criminals started dying everywhere, and everybody was a criminal, more or less, in Gotham." The best tactical solution to killing all the criminals in Gotham then would be to drop a nuke; so Bruce has to have a line somewhere, if the innocents are worth saving. Although I suspect this Bruce's motivations are skewed more towards punishing the guilty than protecting the innocent, which is why Steph's mom dies.

Huh. He really has a lot in common with the Punisher.

spoilers  beneath cut.

woooow long cutCollapse )

april is the cruelest month

fandom: Batman
warnings: death
word count: approx. 500 words
characters: Lady Shiva, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown

set in  __marcelo’s othersideverse

story behind cutCollapse )